About company

Dear Sirs!! You are on a corporate web-site of the company Torgoviy Dvor US. More than 10 years we are specialized on field of deliveries of a wide spectrum of chemical production to domestic consumers operated in various branches of productive industry from the confectionery industry to nonferrous metallurgy, transport and communication and building sector. We also actively co-operate with institutions of non-material sphere: hospitals, educational foundations, academic institutions, and so on.

On the ground of analysis of our activity since creation of the company I can declare with all responsibility that all our achievements (I consider the public image of partner which always understands the client as main our achievement) are a result of persistent work and constant self-improvement. During this time we created:

  • a specialist command (they are managers from account groups; experts in logistics, forming routes of production delivery optimal for consumers; experts in fields of foreign economic activity and business development providing the conclusion of contracts with foreign suppliers and execution of these contracts; financial service employees providing the document circulation and so on);
  • a warehouse infrastructure (our company has the well-equipped warehouses in Kiev, Donetsk, Lutsk, Lvov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Ivano-Frankovsk) which allows to our clients to receive the stock on order on an ex works basis and also to deliver it to consumers timely;
  • long-term and properly documented economic communications with chemical production manufacturers in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and China.
  • integrated services to supply all the necessary types of chemicals - in this case we provide full service of supply / procurement. For our clients, this system of cooperation means saving time, streamlining costs and reducing headcount.

In addition, the general financial condition and mutual understanding with commercial banks allows to our company to execute own current obligations and to provide own development in whole.

Concerning our company development I must note that we never stop at what has been accomplished: our plans provide as expansion of the list of purchased chemical production, and expansion of our client base. So, we will offer to our consumers the complex service of deliveries of all kinds of necessary chemical production before long. We will actually to execute the some functions of supply service. We think that it should be interested for the consumers operating with own expenses.

List of chemical production that we offer:

caustic soda, 
calcium soda, 
food soda, 
technical salt, 
salt tablets, 
salt extra, 
calcium chloride, 
orthophosphoric acid, 
citric acid, 
potassium nitrate, 
calcium nitrate, 
sodium nitrate, 
calcium carbide,
chlorine lime, 
ammonium salt, 
iron sulfate, 
aluminum sulfate, 
magnesium sulfate, cement, chalk, washing powder, soap and other.

If the product that you are interested in is not listed - call us to discuss the opportunities and terms of delivery.

In conclusion I wish to thank you for interest to our business and to assure you that company Torgoviy Dvor US is your reliable partner in any situation.

Sincerely yours

Baranovsky Vladimir