bleaching powder

Material: bleaching powder

Chemical name: Hypochlorous acid, Calcium salt

Chemical formula: —а(ќ—l)2 Х 2Ca(OH)2.

Under ordinary conditions: white-to-hazel powder which has a strong smell of chlorine

According to production standard (GOST): 1692-85.

Product is supplied in plastic bags with nett weight from 21 kg to 30 kg. Product can be supplied in other packing (in steel drums with nett weight of 70 kg and so on) under special order.

Material is mainly used in such fields as:

  • surface disinfection in premises with special requirement for sanitary state,
  • primary sewage treatment,
  • disinfection of drinking water.

At the present time our company offers this product at the price from 4,000 to 6,000 UAH/tonne including VAT. Exact price is depended from terms of payment, duration of time of cooperation with customer, purchase amount and so on. Please call to us!!!