calcium carbide

Material: calcium carbide

Other names: carbide of calcium, acetylenogen, calcium acetylide.

Chemical formula: CaC2.

Under ordinary conditions: solid substance, colour from pale grey to dark, blocks from 5 to 80 mm

HS Code: 2849100000.

CAS number: 75-20-7.

UN number: 1402.

Hazard class: 4.3.

According to production standard (GOST): 1460-81

As a rule, product is supplied in steel plate drums (steel drums) with nett weight from 50 kg to 100 kg. Product can be supplied in other packing (with nett weight from 3 kg to 120 kg) under special order.

Material is mainly used in such fields as:

  • thermal bonding of metals and metalcutting,
  • acetylene manufacturing,
  • chemical industry (organic synthesis).

At the present time our company offers this product at the price from 7,800 to 10,200 UAH/tonne including VAT. Exact price is depended from terms of payment, duration of time of cooperation with customer, purchase amount and so on. Please call to us!!!