formic acid

Material: formic acid (content 85 %)

Chemical name: methanoic acid

Chemical formula: HCOOH.

Under ordinary conditions: colourless liquid with acrid objectionable odour.

HS Code: 2915110000.

CAS number: 64-18-6.

UN number: 1779.

UN hazard class: 8.

Product is supplied in plastic barrels with nett weight from 240 kg to 250 kg. Product can be supplied in canisters with nett weight 25 kg and in IBC- containers (volume 1,000 l) under special order.

Material is mainly used in such fields as:

  • drug industry,
  • tanning industry,
  • pulp-and-paper industry,
  • textile industry,
  • agriculture,
  • metallurgy industry,
  • manufacturing of chemical weed and pest killers

At the present time our company offers this product at the price from 10,500 to 11,500 UAH/tonne including VAT. Exact price is depended from terms of payment, duration of time of cooperation with customer, purchase amount and so on. Please call to us!!!