sodium phosphate

Material: tri-sodium phosphate

Chemical name: Trisodium phosphate

Other names: Sodium phosphate tribasic dodecahydrate

Chemical formula: Na3PO4 * 12H2O.

Under ordinary conditions: mainly white powder

CAS number: 10101-89-0.
UN number: 9148/3262.

UN hazard class: 8.

According to production standard (GOST): 201-76.

Product is supplied in paper bags or in PP bags with nett weight of 20 kg or 30 kg.

Material is mainly used in such fields as:

  • chemical industry (manufacturing of synthetic detergents),
  • oil and gas extraction,
  • pulp-and-paper industry,
  • food industry (as defatting agent),
  • construction industry (as concrete setting catalyst)

At the present time our company offers this product at the price from 5,900 to 6,300 UAH/tonne including VAT. Exact price is depended from terms of payment, duration of time of cooperation with customer, purchase amount and so on.

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