Products by order

Dear client!

You have a requirement for import chemical production, but you do not know Е how and with what seller to conclude the contract Е how to check an execution of this contract by foreign partner Е how to receive the licensing documents for import of this production to Ukraine Е how better to carry out customs clearance of such productions Е?

Or you already have preliminary arrangements with the foreign supplier, but you have not possibilities or desire to conclude the external economic contract and prefer to buy necessary production in Ukraine directly?

Or there are any other circumstances according to which you wish to receive cleared production from the domestic supplier?

However the above-mentioned problems actually aren't present in any case! Ц our company will help you. For this purpose it is necessary for us only to receive from you some information concerning production interesting for you.

First. The full official name of production (in Ukrainian and (it is desirable) in English).

Second. The name of country-manufacturer (the best variant if you have data concerning the manufacturer name and location, however absence of such information also will not be a problem).

Third. Quantity of production, requirements for production packing and labeling, disposable norm of production loading on a vehicle, etc. (the more information concerning the production will be presented by you, the less time will be required to our experts for processing of your demand).

Fourth. Level of the production price with basis of delivery on the terms of INCOTERMS.

Please, provide such information as official document (by letter or by electronic letter). Thereafter you will wait some days while our experts will study the above-mentioned information and will contact you for acceptance of final decision.

Please call to us!!!